ADSUK Easter Quiz

As a little bit of fun for all the Art Deco fans out there in lockdown over Easter weekend, we’ve put together a little quiz for you.

Send your answers to the 20 questions listed below to before 9am BST Tuesday 14th April. Three correct entries will be selected at random.

The prize? Drum roll…. one of these original 1930s Sketch magazines.


3 – 2 – 1 GO!

1.  Can you name the Brighton-born bandleader, arranger and songwriter who went to the U.S.A in 1934 having built up a large American following with his recordings?

2.  Who was the British bandleader decorated in Deauville, France, for his services to France and music and who, in 1931, became the first British dance band to broadcast in the United States?

3.  Say it With Music was the signature tune of a famous dance band.  What was the name of it’s leader?

4.  Can you match the songs
(a) Falling in Love Again
(b) You’re The Top
(c) Miss Otis Regrets
with the years in which they were written: 1930, 1934, and 1935?

5.  Did Vera Lynn ever sing with the Ambrose orchestra in the thirties?

6.  What was the name of the British vocalist who sang with Ray Noble’s band in the U.S.A., returned to England in 1939, and was killed in an air-raid?

7.  Can you name the British film in which Jack Hylton’s band appeared in 1939?
Was it Dimples, Bandwagon, or Strike Up the Band?

8.  Her real name was Virginia Katherine McMath, but this famous actress and dancing star of many films including Gold Diggers of 1933, is internationally known by another name.  What is it?

9.  Who is the famous star born in Paris in 1905 whose real name was Claudette Chauchion?

10.  Who was the Wimbledon born English actor who started his Hollywood film career in 1936 with ‘Born to Dance’?

11.  What was the name of the film that launched Marlene Dietrich?

12.  All Quiet on the Western Front, was probably the most famous war film ever made. Can you name:-
(a) the author of the original book,
(b) the star of the film
(c) the Director

13.  What was the sporting feat accomplished by Peggy Duncan in September 1930?

14.  Who ran a mile in 4 minutes 6.6 seconds in 1937 and created a world record?

15.  In 1937, was it Oxford or Cambridge that won the Boat Race for the first time since 1933?

16.  In what year was the first Football World Cup?  Was it 1930, 1933, or 1936?

17.  Who were the aviation celebrities, Amy and Jim, married to each other in 1932?

18.  Who was the airwoman who vanished in a round-the-world flight in 1937, and what type of plane was she flying?

19.  Who was the millionaire motor manufacturer and philanthropist who became a peer in 1934?

20.  Who was the first commander of the liner Queen Mary?

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