How does ADSUK differ from other societies?
There is a very broad scope of subjects and activities that the Society aims to covers, driven by members’ and supporters’ passions rather than academic theory. It will encompass graphic and interior design, transport, film, music and fashion as well as architecture and ceramics and explore how the era influenced and developed into other styles and disciplines and the ‘culture’ associated with those times. We don’t campaign for the preservation of particular buildings or structures but may, from time to time, use the voice of the Society to express our support and backing for a particular project or cause.

How is the society run?
It is run as a not-for-profit organisation with a core of founding Members and a support team of regional representatives. The Society’s board of founding members contains within it, a wide spread of expertise including people experienced in the management of other societies and museums as well as photography, travel, finance and journalism. Listed below are the key elements of governance in place so far:

  • Constitution in place with rules for the association
  • GDPR policy with knowledgeable enforcement in order to secure your personal data
  • Steering committee consisting of founder members plus a team of supporters with a wide range of civil society and association expertise: writing, museum management, civil service, journalism and travel
  • Experienced treasurer to run our financial affairs
  • Experienced membership secretary with a long track record of looking after association membership groups
  • Regular virtual meetings of the founding members take place to monitor and process the association’s administrative and operational business driving awareness and growth in the interest and exploration of Art Deco in the UK
  • An evolving regional representatives’ network with the purpose of co-ordinating events and news in their area and communications that are fed into the Society ensuring our offer and coverage is rich and varied
  • Application for membership of the International Coalition of Art Deco Societies ICADS group has been applied for
  • The society will address “business continuity measures” as its activities develop

What does membership include?
The 2022 new membership fee is £15 for a single person within the UK and £25 for joint membership, renewable annually on the date of sign-up. Worldwide overseas membership is just £5 more.

New members pack includes:

  • Unique Art Deco-style enamel membership pin, featuring the Society logo design
  • Discounted attendance at ADSUK events
  • Special discounted offer on subscriptions to VE Magazine
  • An invitation to provide articles and content for the website, subject to editorial acceptance and to contribute to the society in other areas
  • Exclusive postcard.

Philip, our membership secretary welcomes suggestions on other membership benefits the society might reasonably offer at this early stage of its life. Contact him at: tbc

How do I join?
You can easily join via our MojoMember portal by completing the form using a suitable email address to which we can reply and add us to your contact list or address book. (Please note that many corporate and UK government email domains use powerful filters which may prevent us from communicating with you).

Do renewing members receive anything in the post?

To keep the costs to both the member and society as low as possible, we don’t mail out anything for renewals, which is currently set at just £10 per year. This nominal fee will help us to keep the society running, and will entitle you to ongoing event discounts and our monthly e-newsletter.

Regional Representatives
We have set up a network of regional representatives. Our reps will organise events in due course for members and guests. We recommend you get in touch with your local rep to find out what’s going on in your area and if you have ideas or ways in which you can help. A list of areas covered and contacts is on the website along with the areas that have a vacancy.

Would you like to become a regional representative for one of the areas where we have no representation? If so, please apply to our head of regional representation Lauren Livesey via hello@artdecosociety.uk

Which social media accounts should I follow?
The society is active on both Twitter and Instagram @ArtDecoSocUK

Can I contribute to your online articles?
Yes! We welcome and openly invite contributions from our members. Please see our more detailed Article FAQ if you’d like to write a piece.

How do I get in touch with you?
If none of the points above answer your question, please use the contact form on the website or e-mail us at: hello@artdecosociety.uk

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