Society Structure

Read more about the people behind the society here.

The current 2020 society structure is as follows:

Acting Chair & Social Media Rep: Paul Stewart

Acting Vice-Chair & Secretary: Lauren Livesey

Website: Philip Butler

Articles Editor & European Rep: Adam Watson Brown

Treasurer: Lucy Santos

Membership Coordinator: Guy Loveridge

Events Coordinator: Jennifer Putnam

Preservation Committee: Angharad Hart, Rama Muraleetharan, Karen Harvey.


London: Rama Muraleetharan & Jennifer Putnam

Scotland: Stuart Ferguson & Lorna Mcculloch

North West: Karen Harvey & Hattie Ball

South West: Barry Cordon

North East: Vacant

South East: Gary Ashton-Coulton

East Anglia: Lucy Inskip & Genista Davidson

East Midlands: Vacant

West Midlands: Vacant

Yorkshire & the Humber: Kevin Trickett

Wales: Christine Collins

Northern Ireland:  Vacant

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