Meet The Founders

ADSUK Founder bnw
L-R Paul, Genista, Lauren, Adam, Philip

Paul is a Marketing professional working in the Museums and Heritage sector. His specialist areas of interest include the inter-war period, the radio industry and broadcasting from that era as well as 1930s motor racing, music and film. He regularly contributes to period lifestyle publications, is an avid collector and wearer of vintage menswear and owns and drives a classic Singer motor car.

Genista, cannot remember a time when she has not been involved with the Art Deco era.  It has been an intrinsic part of her life since childhood.  First lured by the architecture of the era, regularly visiting places like Frinton-on-Sea and Eltham Palace – she then realised it entailed much more.  She has a large collection of original artefacts from the era including furniture, fashion, jewellery ceramics and ephemera.  Genista loves to travel and always seeks out Art Deco where ever she may be.

Immortalised in Agatha Christie’s earlier writing, Art Deco, for Lauren, is that bygone era of refinement and attention to detail that is distinctly lacking in modern day society. Whilst Christie did not write specifically with that period in mind, the TV adaptation of Poirot, starring David Suchet, chose to base all of its adaptations in this era and it was these glorious snippets of history that Lauren grew up watching. Her love of Art Deco was firmly cemented after a sojourn to Miami, where it is not only admired but revered, and actively protected for future generations to admire. It is her hope that the Art Deco Society UK has a similar effect on this side of the Atlantic in good old Blighty and she is looking forward to learning more about this effulgent era.  Lauren’s main area of interest (as evidenced by her Instagram account, @ArtDecoUK) is interior and exterior design; this has taken her to many places from aboard the Orient Express to Burgh Island via sea tractor!

Adam has lived in Brussels for more than thirty years, starting as a devotee of Art Nouveau then shifting to Art Deco. He lives the art deco life in a period house garnished with just a few objects from the period.

Inter-war obsessive, art deco hoarder, and keen photographer Philip spends his spare time documenting the remains of Great Britain’s 1930s architecture. Often in need of sympathetic renovation,  occasionally on the brink of demolition, but always appreciated by those in the locality, Philip has been capturing what is left of ‘yesterday’s future’ while it remains standing.

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