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Welcome to the Art Deco Society UK,  a not-for-profit organisation bringing together lovers of Art Deco design from across the British Isles. Whether you adore vintage fashion from the inter-war period, pre-war motorcars, stylish streamline furniture, art, architecture, aviation or classic films, we hope you’ll find the society welcoming. Our approach is inclusive: we don’t want to be constrained by academic notions, but rather to advance the Art Deco cause on the basis of members’ enthusiasms, with anyone who has an eye for the style.

Our Aims

  • To inspire individuals or groups from any background or interest to discover more about the UK’s Art Deco heritage
  • To educate with talks, tours, news and articles.
  • To support causes and campaigns that intend to save or restore an individual building or structure or by bringing a topic to a wider audience through the Society’s profile and media channels

The Society does not currently raise money for any individual campaigns but will offer support where it can and when time and resources permit. These decisions will be made collectively by the Founders of the Society.

Similarly, the Society will not limit its work to one era or region and may, from time to time, explore Modernism, Futurism, Bauhaus and any other design movement from other countries that have a relationship with the core subject to show the wider context and influences of Art Deco and vice versa.

Join us

We invite anyone with an interest in the period, to join us and get involved in discussing and writing about Art Deco and sharing visuals photos and videos. Share your passion with an enthusiastic like-minded group of people from across the country. Anyone living outside the UK with an interest in Art Deco is also welcome to join the society or contribute content or links to the web site.

Prepare for a century of Art Deco

This year sees the centenary of the Dessau Bauhaus; and in 2025, France will celebrate the centenary of Art Deco’s inaugural event, the Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes, at the 1925 World Fair. Founder members of the society seek to raise the profile of UK Art Deco in time for the celebrations.

We are affiliating the society to the International Coalition of Art Deco Societies (ICADS), the umbrella body that brings together societies from across the world for a biannual congress, and already have close links with other international groups including those well established in the USA, Australia and Asia.

Explore our website

We want to feature regular blog articles from members, more information about the group, a photo archive and shop.

Once established we hope to offer walks, talks, film screenings, membership incentives and regular informative articles on our website. Our ambition will probably take us into campaigning as the society develops, but this is not our primary goal.

Established 2019

The Art Deco Society UK is run by a small group of volunteers.

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